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Digital Minimalism


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Digital Minimalism

by Cal Newport

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How to declutter your digital belongings

This should not be a gradual process. Instead, a rapid transformation is a better process of digital decluttering. Here is the step-by-step process of decluttering provided by Cal Newport:

Put aside 30 days to take a break from technologies that are not essential.

Use these 30 days to learn new skills, activities and behaviors that you find meaningful.

At the end of the break, you can start reintroducing technologies by starting with your blank slate.

For each technology you reintroduce, you must determine the value it serves in your life and how you will maximize this value.


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What to do during your digital detox

Do not view this period as a detox and nothing else. Instead, use this time to learn about yourself and your relationship with technology. Use it as a period to improve your relationship with the digital world.


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Master solitude

Cal Newport explains that technology reduces the time you spend alone with your thoughts. Avoiding others’ minds intruding on your own is crucial for effective solitude. Solitude also requires you to move past reacting to information created by other people. Instead, you must focus on your own thoughts and experiences.

1. You will realize you are better able to establish new ideas

2. You will develop a better understanding of the self

3. You will obtain a closeness with others that you previously were unable to obtain.


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Practices to adopt

  1. Leave your phone at home
  2. Take long walks
  3. Write letters to yourself
  4. Reclaim your conversations
  5. Consolidate texting (always keep your phone on do not disturb and allocate certain times of day for texting)
  6. Reclaim leisure


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How to reclaim enjoyment without technology

Seek activities that require real-world social interactions – Cal Newport describes the interaction between the internet and leisure as a renaissance. Every individual has more leisure options at their disposal than ever before. The internet can be a positive thing if used to find genuine social interaction in the physical world.

Digital technology should be present but subordinated to a support role.


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reading or looking for the moon 🌙


this book is perfect if you're like me and want to spend more time in the real world again :)


Digital Minimalism outlines how we can obtain value from technology while limiting the drawbacks associated with digital clutter. Minimalism is the art of knowing how much is just enough. Digital minimalism applies this idea to our technology. It is the key to living a focused life in an increasingly noisy world. Cal Newport provides an outline of how excessive technology is ruining our leisure time and our interactions. The alternative is stripping your technology back to the minimal tools that improve your life and interactions with others.