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Steal these niche ideas to get paid the big bucks

Steal these niche ideas to get paid the big bucks

Curated from: Payton Clark Smith

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Being A Generalist Is Not Going To Work

If you try to offer web design services to everyone, that is not going to work, because you will be competing against a ton of different people. Rather you should niche down or specialize. When you specialize you can find massive clients that are a joy to work with


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Benefits Of Choosing A Niche

  • More targeted marketing
  • Less competition
  • Higher buyer intent: people know what they want
  • easier to close prospects
  • Higher prices (specialist)
  • Dont have to turn down projects outside of niche


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How To Niche Down

You can first niche down to business operations for instance you can niche down to Startups and/or local business

By Industry: You can niche down and position yourself to have a fantastic fit for your clients for instance Dentists, Law firm

Location: you can niche down to the area you are located in which some clients want

Services: You can niche down to what services you offer for instance including SEO to web design

Platform: Niche down to your services for instance Webflow, Wordpress, Wix


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