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Training tips for basketball

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In this post you will learn some tips and tricks to use if you're a basketball player or if you just wanna learn. I'm not going to do all 37 but I will do a couple.


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Always Have a Workout Plan

There is nothing more important than having a plan of what you want to accomplish every time you step in the gym. Having a plan will allow you to stick to a schedule and be efficient.

You know exactly what to do and you go in and do it. You won't get distracted.


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Example of Workout Plan

Example of Workout Plan

You can write or type up you workout plan and print it. It's good to have a physical copy so you can make sure you go through all of it. You can type it on a doc and use the table function or do it on a spreadsheet.


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Always keep a detailed shooting log

Here are 5 quick reasons why tracking shots will make you a great shooter:

  1. You cannot improve what you don't measure.
  2. It makes every single shot important.
  3. Players can set shooting goals and commitments.
  4. Players will see improvements.
  5. Players will find out their weak shooting areas.

Get a little notebook and a pencil and you can do form shot's out of ten and track to see when you can make ten out of ten.


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Perfect your shooting technique

Perfect your shooting technique

Shooting is one of the vital skills in basketball. It's important to develop a consistent form and repeatable shot.

Here are the 10 steps players must follow:

  1. Shot preparation
  2. Hand placement on the ball
  3. Balanced base
  4. Feet direction (the turn)
  5. Consistent shot pocket
  6. Eyes on target
  7. Wrinkle the wrist
  8. Elbow under the basketball
  9. Balance hand
  10. Rhythm shot + follow through


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Start with form shooting every time

Start with form shooting every time

Start close to the rim and go through the five spots around the rim. Get into a rhythm of shooting the basketball with good technique first and then gradually extend the range of your shot. The absolute worst thing you can do is step into the gym and immediately start throwing up shots from behind the three-point line.


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Quality over Quantity

Workout quality is more important than workout quantity

You might hear those stories about someone shooting thousands of shots for 10 hours in the gym. This is unnecessary (and can often be harmful. You could do more giving it your all in 1 hour VS someone who was carelessly chucking the ball up like hot garbage for 10 hours. By having a pre-planned workout and then getting in the gym with a determined mind you executing the workout at game speed and with 100% focus.


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"Practice like you play"



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"Basketball is a beautiful game when all five players on the court play with one heartbeat."



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A student that is curious for knowledge and loves to play basketball. I enjoy reading 48 lwas of power and will begin analyzing each law in 48 posts. Snapchat:@chloeidkssg


Hope they help!

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