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Countering The Great Resignation

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Bias Can Be A Heavy Word

Bias Can Be A Heavy Word

People often conflate it with prejudice, racism, discrimination, or sexism.

But bias, on its face, is not inherently good or bad. In the simplest of terms, our biases are our preferences.

Understanding two common myths around unconscious bias will help us better understand the role it plays at work.


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Myth #1: Bias Is Inherently Negative

Myth #1: Bias Is Inherently Negative

At our core, we all identify as good. So if we think bias is inherently negative and only bad people have it, we close off exploring these topics further. We put up walls and say, “I'm not even going to go there because I'm a good person. I try to treat people fairly.” We get defensive.

If we recognize that we all have biases, we can reconcile the two opposing ideas that we can have biases and still be good people. They can coexist. That's what helps us make progress.


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Myth #2: If Bias Is A Natural Part Of The Human Condition And How The Brain Works, I Can’t Do Anything About It

Myth #2: If Bias Is A Natural Part Of The Human Condition And How The Brain Works, I Can’t Do Anything About It

After realizing that bias is natural and doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person, people tend to lean into it. That can become problematic.

But neuroscience teaches us that we can mitigate our unconscious bias through neuroplasticity. Once we identify a bias and understand its impact, we can “re-wire” our brains to create new pathways and teach ourselves to think and act differently.

For example, if I am biased about a team member being lazy, I will treat them accordingly.


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With intentional practice, our inherent biases don’t have to limit us or others. We have the ability to grow and change

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