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Mindfulness is the Opposite of Neediness

Mindfulness is the Opposite of Neediness
Whenever someone tries to convince you that eating breakfast prevents weight gain or that cold weather makes you sick , just send them one of Tyler Vigen's charts. He graphs strange similarities between seemingly irrelevant statistics, demonstrating that you can find apparent links between all kinds of unrelated events.


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Smartphones = escape instruments

Smartphones = escape instruments
Checking a weather app before you go outside is one thing, but checking Instagram for the sixth time in a day is obviously a kind of thoughtless pleasure-hunting that we wouldn’t bother with if we were finding contentment in ordinary moments.




Mindfulness - respect for the present moment

Mindfulness  - respect for the present moment
Mindfulness meditation is essentially when you are taking a bit of time to sit down and notice what it is like, in detail, to be a human being sitting thereThe experience is more important than what it should be or what you want it to be.



Mindfulness and courage

Mindfulness and courage
Developing mindfulness means practicing a kind of unconditional courage. You are always willing to experience reality exactly as it is, when it arrives.



Non-reactivity and non-neediness

Non-reactivity and non-neediness
They have to be practiced, as part of being mindful. Because we naturally are reactive creatures. And there’s no safer and easier time to do that than when you’re sitting on a cushion in your home for a few minutes. 




The #1 skill to overcome procrastination

Facing a task, experiencing the uncomfortable emotions associated with it and doing the task despite those  emotions.

Procrastination is an emotion management problem

Happens when we feel uncomfortable (anxiety, overwhelm ) toward a task. We want to do it, but end up doing something else that feels better.  We run away from our negative thoughts and emotions.

Our mind is a reason-giving machine

It rationalizes the shit out of anything that’s just a little bit uncomfortable and create excuses as to why we shouldn’t do something now. Those excuses are irrational, but sound superficially reasonable. 

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Everyone pretends that the word success has nothing to do with money and status. But that’s simply not true. When we talk about success, we all talk about getting rich. Just be honest. -&...

Knowing how to be successful will not guarantee success

There’s a difference between studying success and actually building a business or career that matters. It’s the same as talent and hard work. There are a lot of talented people who never contributed anything to the world. And also a lot of people without talent who did wonderful things in life. 🛤

Life is not about success, no matter how you define it. Life is about the struggle of figuring things out. The very thing that many of us run away from.
Life is not about success, no matter how you define it. Life is about the struggle of figuring things out. The very thing that many of us run away from.

Use of mindfulness

Mindfulness can be used as a preventative treatment for depression.

The idea is that you actively pay attention to the moment, without judging. It helps the mind to revisit thoughts about...

Mindfulness as an effective treatment

There is clinical evidence for mindfulness-based cognitive therapy as a way to prevent depression and anxiety.

Mindfulness may be good for other psychiatric conditions including bipolar disorder.

There is also growing evidence that mindfulness is effective for chronic long-term health conditions.

Mindfulness can be overstated

Mindfulness is not a cure all. With all the hype around mindfulness it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether the information is quality-controlled and reliable. We need  to be careful not to overstate it's usefulness.