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How To Read A Book A Week - 3 Proven Tricks

How To Read A Book A Week - 3 Proven Tricks

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Read your way to success

Read your way to success

85 % of millionaires read at least two books per months.

So, as cliche as it sounds, people who read, succeed.


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Psychological tricks to start reading

  1. Implementation intention: this basically means setting an appointment to read.
  2. Chunking: It means to break down a big task (your book) into smaller, manageable parts.
  3. Temptation bundling: it happens when we associate a tasks we dislike with something we enjoy.


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1. Implementation intention for reading

1. Implementation intention for reading

The biggest problem with reading is the starting point, actually starting to read - we buy tons on books for "later" and we never read them.

By physically scheduling a time and place for starting to read, you're setting an appoint to do so. And we tend to respect our appointments.


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2. Chunking your book

2. Chunking your book

One of the main reasons we start reading books and never finish them is the fact that those books seem too big and intimidating.

When you break down a book and measure your progress by its chapters, your brain will no longer see it as a huge obstacle you have to overcome.


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3. Temptation bundling

3. Temptation bundling

Tell yourself that after every chapter you read, you are going to reward yourself with the next episode of the show you like.

After doing so for a while, you will start to actually like reading, because your brain will associate it with something pleasant.


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A negative mind will never give you a positive mind.

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