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Get Inspired: How to get into adventure sports

Get Inspired: How to get into adventure sports
Why get into adventure sports? They're fast-paced, action-packed and perfect for adrenaline junkies! Who is it for? Anyone who wants to take a risk and test their bodies to the extreme. Is there a cheap option? Many clubs offer free taster sessions, and cheap hire of equipment- so you don't need to spend money on getting your own kit to begin with.


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Options Of Adventure Sports

Options Of Adventure Sports
  • Skateboarding: Using ramps to pick up speed, you can learn to perform tricks.
  • Mountain biking: Combinies the technical skill and endurance of cross-country and the speed of downhill racing.
  • Snowboarding: Adrenaline rush of speed, learning tricks, or a gentle ascent down the slope - snowboarding offers it all.
  • Surfing: Standing on the board and want to have some fun doing local competitions, find a local club or school.
  • Rock climbing: physically and mentally demanding it requires strength, balance and patience in order to reach the summit using a designated route.
  • Caving: it allows you to go climbing, crawling, wading and swimming all in one. It’s physically challenging and an outlet for a real explorer's spirit.




Adventure Sports

Adventure Sports
  • They are fast-paced, action-packed and perfect for those who want to take risks and test their bodies to the extreme.
  • Many clubs offer free trials, and cheap hire of equipment.
  • Adventure sports are fun but often very physically demanding.
  • There are clubs and groups around the world with professional coaches to help you reach your maximum potential in whichever sport you choose.
  • Most adventure sports offer more accessible variations for children or the disabled. 




The Motivation Behind Extreme Sports

One of the most powerful motivators is the satisfaction that comes from succeeding at a hard sport and from the grinding it requires. Although some are looking just for th...

Extreme Sports And Risk

Researchers found that extreme sports athletes often don’t consider their sports risky, and dedicate a lot of time studying and minimizing risks. They believe they have done all they can to mitigate risks through hard work and focus. 

“Far from the traditional risk-focused assumptions, extreme sports participation facilitates more positive psychol..."

Robert Schweitzer - psychologist

Life-Changing Power Of Extreme Sports

Those who practice life-threatening extreme sports do it to have an experience that is life-changing, to feel alive and have an almost transcendental sensorial clarity.

Extreme sports have the potential to induce powerful and meaningful non-ordinary states of consciousness. They have been shown to be affirmative of life and the potential for transformation.

Cardio exercise

Exercise offers a whole host of benefits to health and well-being. Cardiovascular exercises aim to get your heart rate up and increase blood circulation.

Walking is a great way to get active...

Strength & resistance exercises

Resistance and strength exercises can help strengthen your muscles. This is usually done on the spot and will not make you out of breath like cardio exercises.

Instead of using tools like weights or resistance bands, you can use tins of baked beans or bags of rice.

Flexibility, balance, and mobility

Strength and flexibility routines help balance, will reduce joint pain, and reduce the risk of falls.

Yoga, pilates, and tai chi are examples of flexibility exercises.