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Master your Emails with Inbox Zero Method

Master your Emails with Inbox Zero Method

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Zero Inbox Strategy: How to Organize Your Email

Zero Inbox Strategy: How to Organize Your Email

Achieving Inbox Zero involves efficiently managing your email so that your inbox is empty, or as close to empty as possible, at the end of each day. To attain this seemingly elusive state, you can rely on five core pillars: Delete, Delegate, Respond, Defer, and Do. Here's how each pillar works:


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What It Means: If an email doesn't require any action or isn't useful for future reference, delete it immediately.

Why It's Important: Deleting irrelevant emails helps to declutter your inbox, making it easier to focus on important messages. Your mind is also decluttered in the process, reducing decision fatigue.


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What It Means: If the email requires action that someone else is better equipped to handle, forward it to that person.

Why It's Important: Delegating tasks not only frees up your time but also ensures that the task will be handled by the person most capable of doing it well. It helps to distribute workload effectively within a team.


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What It Means: If an email can be replied to quickly (typically in under 2 minutes), do it right away.

Why It's Important: Responding immediately to quick queries helps you clear out your inbox faster and reduces the mental load of remembering to reply later. It also improves your responsiveness and communication skills, which are valued in professional settings.


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What It Means: If an email requires more thought or action than can be accomplished quickly, set a reminder to come back to it at a specific time.

Why It's Important: Not all tasks can be handled immediately, and deferring them allows you to focus on what can be done right now. It also ensures that important tasks are not forgotten. Tools like calendar reminders or specialized software can help manage deferred emails.


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What It Means: If the email requires a more immediate, but perhaps longer, action that you are the best person to handle, do it as soon as you can.

Why It's Important: The "Do" pillar addresses those tasks that are both important and time-sensitive. By dealing with them promptly, you prevent them from turning into urgent crises later on.


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Tips to Achieve Inbox Zero Method

  • accept inboxes as a part of life
  • don’t delete everything
  • check your emails at set times
  • switch off every "now" and "then"
  • do not store information in your email
  • answer guiding questions
  • start with you

For a detailed explanation – read the article


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