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How to Automate a Habit and Never Think About It Again

How to Automate a Habit and Never Think About It Again


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Changing and creating habits

The best way to break a bad habit is to make it hard, even impossible to do. And the best way to create a good habit is to automate it so you never have to think about it again. 

Locking in good habits

  • Nutrition: Use smaller plates to reduce caloric intake.
  • Sleep: Remove your television from the bedroom.
  • Productivity: Delete games and social media apps from the phone.
  • Happiness: Get a dog.
  • Finance: Call your service providers (cable, electric...

Habits that benefit from automation

Automation is useful for behaviors that happen too infrequently to become habitual: Things you have to do monthly or yearly (rebalancing your investment portfolio or e.g.) are never repeated frequently enough to become a habit, so they benefit in particular from technology “remembering” to do the...

The Downside of Automation

Technology creates a level of convenience that can work against us: Binge watching becomes a habit because it takes more effort to stop looking at the screen than to continue doing so. Instead of pressing a button to advance to the next episode, Netflix or YouTube will autoplay it for you. 

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