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Why Codie is on YouTube

Why Codie is on YouTube

  • Worked on Wall Street but got tired of managing money just for the rich
  • Wants to teach ownership to push back against corporate power
  • Mission is creating 100,000 business owners


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5 Ways People Get Rich

5 Ways People Get Rich

  1. Inherit money
  2. Marry into money
  3. Get Fortune 500 executive job
  4. Start asset management firm
  5. Build or buy business (Codie's focus)


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Growing a Business

Growing a Business

Need "3 Ps" at each stage

  • Persona - Know your target customer intimately
  • Product - Create leveraged products solving acute needs
  • Promotion - Get happy customers to promote you


  1. Get to $1M Revenue: Perfect the "3 Ps" above
  2. Scale to $10M Revenue
  3. Grow to $100M Revenue


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Keys to $1M Revenue

Keys to $1M Revenue


  • Deeply understanding WHO your serve
  • Name and depict ideal customer avatar
  • Write promotional "love letters" to them


  • Make product a "painkiller" solving acute need
  • Productize service for leverage, recurring revenue


  • Systematically generate online reviews
  • 12% of customers leave reviews that heavily influence buying


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Actionable Information

Actionable Information

  • Push back against corporate power: the game of ownership is the only way to counter bureaucracy
  • Have at least 2 sales people/processes to scale a business
  • Implement recurring revenue models like subscriptions 
  • Name and visually depict target customer persona
  • Systematically generate online reviews


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Codie Sanchez provides a compelling step-by-step framework for growing from $0 to $1 million in revenue. While simple in concept, execution takes tremendous work, but doing so builds real wealth and wherewithal to drive change.

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