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<p>I wondered how I could live...

I wondered how I could live my life in a way that makes it the most productive and meaningful. And as I contemplated this more and more, the answer became only apparent. There was no corner I could cut. The guaranteed path was only that called basic.


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<p>Already I, and all of us, k...

Already I, and all of us, know the answer to the question I raised.

How to have a healthy body? Sleep on time. Sleep more than 8 hours a day. Have a healthy and nutritious diet. Avoid junk foods. Workout regularly and do cardio at least three times a week.

It is that simple and incredibly crystal clear.


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<p>But simplicity and obviousn...

But simplicity and obviousness don’t mean that they are easy tasks. Actually, maybe they are the most challenging things we humans could do. Because to do them, not only we must be consistent, but also need to be resistant to our desires.


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<p>When I wake up, I want to c...

When I wake up, I want to check my phone first. When I am in bed, it is so hard to leave it. Working out regularly and maintaining a healthy diet is just tiring. Being productive and practicing your skills are easily so hard.

…Well, who doesn’t really not know what to do to become a better person?


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<p>The process of calibrating ...

The process of calibrating yourself hence supposed to be the process of doing something unwanted.

You should recognize what your body and mind are rejecting at the moment and force them to do that. Metacognition is immensely important here; they are the hint.


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<p>This morning, I wanted some...

This morning, I wanted some extra sleep, but I went straight to a toilet to facewash. I then went straight to my desk to start working on my project, though I wanted to procrastinate just for a minute or two. After some coding work, after some debating with myself what if I skip the gym today, I went to the gym.


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<p><em>Emotions are ephemeral ...

Emotions are ephemeral while the result from acting not.

If you recognize what your body is rejecting, try doing it. If you have the right will to become a better version of yourself, this tactic will actually help you out. There is no such way that could cut corners to make you better, besides this daunting yet guaranteed path.


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Student at Columbia University, founder of social venture, and person who is interested in many things

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