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There Are 2 Types Of Work-From-Home Personalities. Which Are You?

There Are 2 Types Of Work-From-Home Personalities. Which Are You?
Knowing your preferred working style can help you get the most out of your day.


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Two work from home personality types

Two work from home personality types

Researchers identified two work personality types based on a preference for the ideal boundaries between home and work: the segmenter and the integrator.

  • Segmenters want to make a clear distinction between their work life and their personal life. They have separate calendars or sets of keys for each place or activity.
  • Integrators don't mind doing a bit of work, then doing something around the house, then back to work. They may find it harder to resist responding to an email late at night.

You may be an extreme segmenter, or an extreme integrator or fall somewhere in between.



What Recovery Time From Work May Look Like

No matter what your personal preference is, everyone needs recovery time from work. An analysis of multiple studies found recovery time improved sleep, well-being, and job performance.

Recovery time includes detachment from the job, relaxation, a sense of mastery, or a sense of control over time spent.



Keep the Same Schedule

To give your day structure, keep the same routine as when you went into an office. Get up at the same time and make a to-do list. Check in with the same person every morning.

Your s...

Set Boundaries

Pick a place for your office away from distraction.
Boundaries also apply to other people who may be sharing the same space. Children can work alongside you as if they were coming to the office.

Schedule Breaks

You won't have the same cues as you do from your workplace to remind you to get up or get lunch. When you lose the pace of your day, everything can start to blend together.

Treat your exercise, meals and stretch breaks as you would any other meeting. Put it on your calendar, at least to start.

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Those with a pioneer working style are big-picture thinkers who want to take advantage of opportunities or create new ones.

They tend to not be det...


Those with a guardian working style like stability, order, and rigor.

They’re pragmatic, detail-oriented, and risk-averse.


Drivers are goal-oriented.

Those identifying with this working style thrive on challenge, results, and winning. They tackle problems head-on with logic.

Longing For The Office Culture

Longing For The Office Culture
  • Earlier a privilege for a few, work from home became a norm for most office-goers due to the ongoing pandemic and is likely to remain for the rest of the year.
  • The shift towards wo...

Work-Life Balance When Working From Home

  • Though employees are happy to see the demise of daily commutes and parking hassles, they are finding out that there is no work-life balance at home.
  • Most workers live in apartments that aren’t suitable for 8 to 10 hours of work every day, as it was never designed to be a full-fledged office.
  • Many employees would want to get back to offices as soon as possible due to social and mental issues, like the feeling of loneliness at home.

Digital Monitoring

Monitoring software that checks time spent on different applications, chat response time, and keystroke recording is now in great demand.

HR departments worldwide are fueling the use of technology to have a way to control the employees that are now no longer in the office.