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The Fascination Of Tragedy

Tragedy is supposed to be unpleasant, but human beings have a fascination with something that evokes disgust or awe.

Ancient philosophers have wondered about tragedy being a source of delight to many as the flock to see the spectacle of tragedy, from ancient public hangings to the horror movies of today.


There is a certain gruesome novelty in tragedy, as we normally see other people in highly unpleasant and deadly circumstances, while we are safe.

There is a mix of emotions that is experienced, ranging from joy, grief, pity and delight.


  • Some people find pleasure in watching something painful, finding that the pleasure is outweighing the pain.
  • Others can feel a sort of catharsis, a liberation from their negative emotions, with the pain of others facilitating a kind of relief from their own traumas.
  • Many find pain to be a source of enjoyment, with the sensation of the bad occurrence that is being witnessed providing a sort of climax that satisfies them.


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