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Is It Possible To Have A Healthy Relationship With Social Media?

Digital Depression And Social Media

  • Our mental health and well being is easily affected by social media.
  • People increasingly are opting for digital detox many companies are looking into the problem of hate speech and abusive content.
  • The problem seems to have escalated during the pandemic and one needs to...

  • A good starting point for those who cannot live without social media is to turn off all notifications and actively engage in social media for a limited time, being aware of how it makes you feel.
  • One also needs to curate the news feeds and only look at stuff which ...

Just consuming specific content that feeds into your existing set of beliefs isn’t a healthy way to approach the online world, as it does not provide an authentic view.

We need to find people whom we disagree with and get past our filter bubbles. We need to engage with a purpose, and with ...

Understand that social media is not the best place to have a rational discussion.

One is bound to get upset with social media as there is always a storm of haters and trolls who feed off the negative energy you display when you get ‘spiked’ or triggered. An online attacke...

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