World's oldest metro systems - Railway Technology - Deepstash
World's oldest metro systems - Railway Technology

World's oldest metro systems - Railway Technology


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World's oldest metro systems - Railway Technology

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The First Electric Metro Trains

Electric metro trains first became operational in London back in 1890, as a part underground and part overground network.

Called the London Underground, this is a 402 km network with 270 stations and transports up to five million passengers a day.


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Budapest Metro

  • Hungary’s Budapest Metro became operational soon after London in 1896. It is now a world heritage site.
  • This four-line network had various expansions and extensions and features the world’s first automated metro route back in 2014.
  • The travel time saved each year by the fourth line, called M4, is about 14 million hours.


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The Glasgow Subway

  • The same year when the Budapest Metro opened(1896), Scotland inaugurated the world’s third oldest metro system.
  • The route remains untouched and carries 13 million passengers every year.
  • The subway network has seen a number of upgrades and makeovers including extensive modernization of all the stations and replacement of trains and ramps.


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Chicago ‘L’

  • In the US, the Chicago ‘L’ metro system started in 1897.
  • It is the second most crowded electric train system in the country, with 24-hour services in select lines.
  • The train network is 165 km long with eight lines, including a ‘ring’ model that runs through the entire city in a circle.


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The Paris Métro

  • The first metro to use the term ‘metro’, France opened Paris Métro in 1900.
  • This 16 line network is 214 km long and has had approximately 1.52 billion passengers since 2016.
  • It is heavily decorated with exquisite art in most of its entrances.


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The MBTA Subway

  • 1901 saw the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Subway opening in Boston, Massachusetts, US.
  • This train network has comparatively shorter lines and right from its inauguration was having the first electrified rapid transit line, now known as the Orange Line.


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Berlin U-Bahn

  • Germany was not far behind in the Metro race and opened the U-Bahn in Berlin in 1902, which now has more than 151 km of track, most of it underground.
  • The U-Bahn began as an elevated transport link between two heavily populated zones of the city.
  • The trains carried 553 million passengers in 2017 and travel a total of 132 million kilometres each year.


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Athens Metro

  • Greece opened up its electrified rapid transport lines in 1904, converting a former electric railways station called the Athens-Piraeus (which was opened in 1869).
  • The lines were expanded in the year 2000 and merged with the Athens Mass Transit System in 2011.
  • The aim of this service was to offer an alternative to car users, and lower the pollution levels.


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The NYC Subway

  • 1904 saw the opening of the New York City Subway with the Interborough Rapid Transit Company (IRT) division, now known as the A division, along with the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation (BMT).
  • It is the world’s largest network spreading 380 kilometres handling 1.72 billion passengers a year. The 36 lines operate day and night, thus requiring more maintenance.
  • The subway stations were targeted with crime and vandalism in the 1970s, leading to loss of ridership.


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