29 Lessons From The Greatest Strategic Minds Who Ever Lived, Fought, Or Led - Deepstash
29 Lessons From The Greatest Strategic Minds Who Ever Lived, Fought, Or Led

29 Lessons From The Greatest Strategic Minds Who Ever Lived, Fought, Or Led

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Tactical Hell

Tactical Hell

It is a place where we are perpetually reactive to other people’s demands and needs, driven by emotional instead of logical impulses.

We need to escape it and see things objectively and with detachment, from a distance.


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The Art of Negative Visualization

The Art of Negative Visualization

This is a stoic lesson, to visualize failure in advance.

It helps because if you imagine failure you start seeing all the ways that have led to that result. And you can start actively working on addressing and mitigating them in advance.


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The ‘Draw-Down Period’

The ‘Draw-Down Period’

Before he would jump into an idea and go full steam, take a reflective period to step back ask yourself: "What do I really have here? Do I actually have something? What am I hoping to accomplish?”


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Actively Seek Criticism

Actively Seek Criticism

If you want to be successful, leave no room for your ego.

You actively submit your strategic plans to feedback and criticism—that’s how they get better.


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Seeing Things As They Are

Seeing Things As They Are

Strategy requires objectivity and seeing things as they are. 

It requires us to put aside how our emotions cloud our thinking with fear overconfidence and see how the situation truly is.


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Adopt Systems & Processes

Adopt Systems & Processes

With a system in place, you can better do the most essential job of a strategist: think long term.

To put into practice your vision, you need systems, routines and rituals—structures that prevent you from sliding off the track. 


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Form a Red Team

Form a Red Team

This is a team with a simple job: to find holes and problems in your plan.

Leave your ego out and be grateful when people expose flaws in your approach.


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Deal With Problems Early

Deal With Problems Early

The best time to do it was yesterday, the next best is right now. 

Don’t put off dealing with your problems. They will only grow.


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Beware of Specialization

Beware of Specialization

If you become too myopic and focused on your scope of work, you might lose contact with the bigger picture.


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