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Why Don't Most People Reach Their Potential?

Why Don't Most People Reach Their Potential?



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The two states of being: surviving and thriving

  • Surviving. It is looking after our basic need for food, shelter, and companionship.
  • Thriving. This state attempts to make something of ourselves beyond meeting our basic needs. This state makes us feel like we are living up to our true self, to our...

There is a gap between the state of surviving and thriving that needs to be closed before a thriving life can be embraced.

In the modern world, our senses are abused by artificial lights, sounds, and smells in the cities we live in. Our media devices fill us with more hel...

When the most successful people were interviewed in the 1990s, they all shared one commonality: They were incredibly complex people. They were both differentiated and integrated.

They were differentiated because they took it on themselves to get exposed to the world. T...

Many people are integrated but not differentiated. They haven't done the work to expose themselves to complexities. They find it easy to ignore the excess noise in the world. But deep down, they know they aren't really living a life that's true to who they are.

We can develop our potential by cultivating awareness - by looking for ways we get in our own way and advising ourselves to a course of action.

Awareness is about observing our emotional experience, to see it clearly and objectively, to accept it, and then to decid...

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