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Success Habits of Highly Organized People

Success Habits of Highly Organized People


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Success Habits of Highly Organized People

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Write Everything Down

When you suddenly have an idea while you are in the middle of something else, write it down. It will clear your mind. It is a catch-all for the light bulb moments.


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Know exactly where you spend your money. Create a system for tracking profit and loss, and returns on investment. 


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De-clutter your work and living space. It encourages a de-cluttered mind.


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Looking for a misplaced item consumes time and energy. 

Have a designated place for everything so that you know exactly where to find things.


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Establish a short time every day to pick things up and put them in their designated places.


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To de-clutter, choose two things to get rid of every day. 


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Create a plan or a system with step-by-step directions for as many duties as possible.

This frees up your mind, deters stress and promotes creativity.


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Learn to do things at the right time. Know what can wait and what needs to be addressed immediately.


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Success is not about doing everything on your own. In order to be more productive, delegate tasks and empower those who work for you to do more.


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Never give up when the going gets tough. Procrastination does not breed success. When you find it difficult, work harder. 


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Use triggers to increase your productivity and performance.

  • Color-code your schedule
  • Listen to music to enhance creativity
  • Set alarms and timers
  • Give yourself small rewards for accomplishments
  • Incorporate time chunking


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