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Good News: Our Emotions Aren’t Set In Stone

Good News: Our Emotions Aren’t Set In Stone


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How we feel about feelings

Humans have always experienced boredom and loneliness and a need for acceptance. The feel of feelings is the same as it has always been.

However, how we describe those feelings has changed. For example, boredom and loneliness were once seen as part of life. Now they are described as p...

How we interpret emotions is the result of our cultural context.

When boredom or loneliness is interpreted as something that is wrong and that should be avoided, then the feeling of boredom or loneliness becomes painful.

The word "boredom" did not even exist until the mid-the 1800s. When people were not mentally stimulated, they did not take it as a sign to find something to engage the mind.

Boredom does not have to be an affliction. It can be a gift of mental calmness to be filled with a...

While digital technologies have helped us connect and stay connected, our emotional tolerance for being alone has dropped. In relabelling the feeling of being alone, we changed the actual emotions that go with aloneness.

But we can reverse it again. We can accept aloneness...

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