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Let’s Ditch the ‘All or Nothing’ Mentality



Let’s Ditch the ‘All or Nothing’ Mentality
A quick scroll through artsy Pinterest quotes under “all-or-nothing” makes that much clear. “Be all in or get all out. There is no halfway,” is one of my personal favorites. Although I get the point…


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The all-or-nothing mentality

The all-or-nothing mentality

The all-or-nothing mentality is focused on convincing yourself that you need to quit your job so you can put all your energy into what you think you want.

But you may not be financially prepared to quit your job. You may waste a lot of time considering if you should or shouldn't.



An alternative to the all-or-nothing mindset

Ask yourself what in your current situation is really making you unhappy, and what have you not yet considered that could solve it. Once you have answers, consider them as possible solutions.

Alternative solutions may not sound that attractive, but it is more realistic. All-or-nothing decisions are riskier, causing you to burn bridges or taking a leap without a safety net.



Feelings are summary judgments

Most of the time we don’t second guess them, and even if we do, they often end up overwhelming us. 

Negative feelings are very powerful and harder to question: we identify with them effo...

Misunderstanding resilience

Resilience is most times associated with being tough. But that’s not gonna get you very far with feelings. Don't try to be invulnerable. Aim for flexibility instead.

You cannot avoid or resist all pain in life. But you can learn to live with your discomfort better.

"Solving" emotions

We have trouble dealing with feelings because the usual problem-solving rules don't really apply to them.

When faced with a problem, we can always avoid it or deny it. But attempting to resist negative feelings won’t work. Any attempt at suppression only amplifies them. We must go from avoidance to acceptance.

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