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Do you want it – or do you need it? Here's how you know

Do you want it – or do you need it? Here's how you know

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Desire  is separate from enjoyment

Desire is separate from enjoyment

What we desire, we may not really enjoy. The more you deprive people of something they want, the more they'll desire it, but if they do eventually get it, they'll value it less.

The concept of desire and enjoyment is receiving support from modern neuroscience. The two processes involve different circuits in the brain; dopamine is better understood as a desire-chemical and can be triggered in the near-total absence of pleasure.


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Don't follow after desire

Being aware of the distinction between desire and enjoyment can be empowering. Next time you feel the urge to check your phone or eat a meal rich in sugar and fat, you may remember that you might not enjoy it as much as you predict.

Desire needs to be understood as a not-useful guide to an enjoyable life.


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I’ll sleep when I am dead.

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