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7 Ways to Generate Great Ideas

7 Ways to Generate Great Ideas

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Engage in Observation Sessions

Engage in Observation Sessions

In order to get your brain to think in new and creative ways, set aside time to do something where you think differently: for example, people watching.


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Socialize Outside Your Normal Circles

New people don't know your old stories, so you'll have to revisit your existing thoughts.

The new perspectives will help to think differently.


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Read More Books

Books are great for creating new thoughts and stimulating good ideas.

Even if you cannot make the time for a book, spend time browsing a bookstore for plenty of thought stimulation.


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Randomly Surf the Web

The best way to generate new ideas is with unexpected learning. Use the I'm Feeling Lucky button on Google and just take it from there.


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Keep a Regular Journal

Keep a Regular Journal

A journal is a great way to structure and develop ideas.

Add the practice of finishing every entry with: My new idea for the day ...


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You need a quiet space where you can clear your mind of thoughts and concerns and focus on your future.


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Use Structured Exercises

Take ten minutes to come up with about 40 ideas on a specific topic or problem. Do this with a partner. You will come up with at least two or three gems for your list.


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A lot of problems would disappear if we talked to each other more than talking about each other.

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