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5 Research-Backed Benefits of Making Generosity a Habit

5 Research-Backed Benefits of Making Generosity a Habit

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Generosity makes us healthy

Generosity reduces blood pressure as much as medicine and exercise. It also lowers the risk of dementia, reduces anxiety and depression, improves chronic pain management, and more.


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Generosity makes us happy

Generosity makes us happy

Feeling good is a product of doing good.

According to a study, giving triggers feel-good chemicals like endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin.


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Generosity lowers our stress

Being stingy can actually raise our stress levels, while being generous can keep the stress down.


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Generosity improves our relationships

In a study of generosity and its effect in marriage, the recipient and the giver of generosity expressed high levels of marital satisfaction.


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Generosity extends our lives

Generosity extends our lives

One study found volunteering dramatically reduced mortality rates.

One report stated that subjects who volunteered for two or more causes had a 63 percent lower rate of mortality than people who didn’t volunteer during the study period.


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Generosity should be practiced

If we want the full positive effect of generosity, we have to make it a regular part of our lives.


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