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4 steps to reset your goals for the second half of the year

4 steps to reset your goals for the second half of the year

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Re-evaluate and reprioritize

There was likely a reason you gave up on your goals. Think about why you lost momentum and what you truly want to accomplish next. To set new goals:

  • Make sure this is the right goal that you’re tackling at the right time.
  • Think about whether you have the time to dedicate yourself to pursuing it.
  • Ensure the goal is in line with your values.


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“Sometimes resolutions are made because you feel you have to. There’s the obligation with the new year, and they don’t get done because it’s not the right goal at the right time.”



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Use the deadline as motivation

At the beginning of the year, you had a blank slate of 12 full months ahead of you. Now, you’re on a downhill run toward the end of the year. Use this as your deadline.

With a more limited time frame, now you need to be more specific about what you want to accomplish–and realistic about what you need to let go for now.


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Use the power of habit

Be specific about the steps you’ll need to take, habits you need to build, and the performance levels you seek.

For example, if you set a revenue goal—increase revenue a certain percentage or bring in a certain number of new customers—you need to establish the habits that will bring you closer to that goal, even if the original outcome isn’t attainable in a few months.


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Spend your time and energy wisely

Just as important as guarding and spending your time wisely is guarding and spending your energy.

Get to know your peak performance times and reserve those times for the work where you need to be highly productive or creative.


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There is a difference between patience & procrastination.

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