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How a Productivity Purge Can Help You Build an Efficient Daily Schedule

How a Productivity Purge Can Help You Build an Efficient Daily Schedule

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Effective daily schedule

Effective daily schedule

There is no “perfect schedule.” But an effective daily schedule can help you get things done consistently with a minimum of stress, whilst you maximize your energy and time.

For best results, schedule your day around your energy. Observe your energy patterns, and work on high-value tasks when you are most active. 


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Purging your schedule

Purging your schedule

It's about getting a handle on your time and keeping it tidy going forward. 

The aim of a productivity purge is to reduce unnecessary repetition and improve your autopilot routines. You want to be in control of your schedule, not the other way around.


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Dr Mark Williamson

“Autopilot is a growing problem. It has gone from being an evolutionary protection mechanism that stopped our brains overloading, to our default mode of operating whereby we sleep-walk into our choices. It has seeped into more and more areas of our lives and relationships making us feel out of control."



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Create space in your schedule

Create space in your schedule

A pause creates space to start paying attention and ask yourself a few questions to access your results: Are you focused or distracted? Why?

It’s an opportunity to analyze every task or action, and identify items you can move around, delegate or even stop working on right away if they're not helping you get closer to your goals.


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I put the "pro" in procrastination. And I wisht I didn't.

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