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Don't Be Scared Of Indeterminacy

Don't Be Scared Of Indeterminacy

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The Problem Of Indeterminacy Explained

The Problem Of Indeterminacy Explained

Due to factors such as ‘analysis paralysis’, many people are unable to resolve a problem, feeling uncomfortable and experiencing confusion and obstacles, falling into the state of indeterminacy.

Some people take the problems head-on even if they don’t understand them fully, and others pretend that they understand, but do not.


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Principles To Handle Difficulties With Indeterminacy

  1. Accept that you don’t know everything.
  2. You will learn as you move forward and embark on a solution.
  3. Keep reviewing, improvising and re-evaluating your plan.
  4. Beware of availability bias, where your present thinking seems more important and all-encompassing than it is.


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I`m too humble. That`s my problem.

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