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Nourish your imagination and you will be forever free | Psyche Ideas

Nourish your imagination and you will be forever free | Psyche Ideas

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  • Imagination is a superpower that we humans have, but few recognize its importance, thinking that it is a time-wasting, impractical activity.
  • While reading a book or watching a movie, we get lost in the wonderful world that is described to us, while weaving imaginative narratives inside our minds.
  • Imagination is refreshing, reflective and opens new avenues in our lives, leading us to action.


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Parallel Worlds Of Imagination

  • Shared imagination lets us deepen our relationships and can lead to world-changing inventions.
  • Imagination helps build our ‘lived’ time, as we build a lifeworld which is different from what our actual reality is.
  • Many people build comprehensive parallel worlds using their imagination, something called symbolic mobility.
  • Physical travelling is another form of building one’s lifeworld, using actual geographic mobility.


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Actual And Imaginative Mobility

Imagination, strange as it may seem, is a form of travel. The mind takes us to places that we don’t know about, and the mental constructs provide us with a richness not experienced in the real world. Prisoners often report imagining the free life and the things they would do if outside in the world.

The symbolic mobility of imagination offsets the actual geographical mobility when the latter is not possible. The reverse is also true, for people who are always travelling and imagine being at a stable place.


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