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Why Eustress Is Good Stress

Why Eustress Is Good Stress

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Eustress: The Good Stress

Eustress: The Good Stress

Most of us think of stress as something negative, akin to anxiety.

  • Positive stress, also called eustress, is the other end of the spectrum where exciting, stressful events provide us with a chemical rush and motivation.
  • Distress is when one is overwhelmed with negative emotions and feelings of inadequacy when faced with certain circumstances, leading to anxiety and depression.


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Eustress: Outside The Comfort Zone

Eustress makes us grow emotionally (inspiration), psychologically (resilience) and physically (body-building challenge).

Eustress creates excitement, satisfaction, fulfilment, meaning, well-being and the satisfaction of a challenge. It is something positive that is taking us out of our comfort zone. Example: Relocating due to getting a new job in a different city.


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Eustress In Life

  • At work, eustress is the fine balance when tackling a challenging project, which is not unrealistic. Distress is what comes from impossible projects, impositions and toxic work culture.
  • Our hobbies and personal interests have to be moderately challenging and provide us with fulfilment and satisfaction. One has to be in the learning zone, which leads to growth.
  • Travel is stressful yet thrilling and is always a great learning experience.
  • Exercise is basically stressing out your body to improve strength, muscle growth and stamina.


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Inject Eustress In Your Life

One can include positive stress by:

  1. Learning something new every day.
  2. Move out of your comfort zone by taking new responsibilities.
  3. Exercising daily.
  4. Set professional and personal goals that are not that difficult.


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