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Why Running Is Such Perfect Cardio

Why Running Is Such Perfect Cardio


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Why Running Is Such Perfect Cardio

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Running benefits

Running outperforms walking, cycling and other forms of aerobic exercise when it comes to lengthening life. Runners on average live three years longer compared to non-runners.

It is linked to lower rates of stroke, cancer, and diabetes. It increases bone mineral density. Running also strengthens your muscles, including your heart.


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If you suffer from lower-body aches or strains, it could be an indication you're not giving yourself enough rest.

Excessive endurance exercise, especially during middle-age and beyond, could lead to damage to the heart.


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To avoid injury, focus on the perception of effort, not duration.

At least twice a week, exercise at a greater intensity. Alternate between hard and easy days to give your body a chance to recover.


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