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What businesses can learn from teamwork at the World Cup

What businesses can learn from teamwork at the World Cup

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The Sports Of The Business World

The Sports Of The Business World

Organizational and corporate performance is often likened to sports metaphors, as both share similar factors like leadership, communication, teamwork and achieving a certain goal.

Teamwork, and positive relationship between the team contributes to success, as various studies of football and the olympic teams have proved. The team bonding ensures unity and trust, resulting in better results.


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Sports And Business: Shared Goals

Individual performance is generally considered important, but if the goal is shared, and the entire team is having the same objective, then one person cannot be bigger than the team.

This corporate lesson taken from sports provides humility to the individual star performer, who has to work for the team, and not for selfish reasons.


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Sports And Business: Resiliency

Successful athletes and teams demonstrate the trait of resilience, and is supported by five psychosocial principles that guide the team towards excellence: Transformational leadership, shared team leadership, learnings, social identity and happy emotions.


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