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Discord: The Gaming Community That Shaped The Internet

Discord: The Gaming Community That Shaped The Internet

In 2015, Discord offered the sprawling gamer community with a niftier option to connect via chat and voice, even when they were not playing their favourite multiplayer online game.

The well-thought-out, customizable communication tools have since made Discord the center of the gaming universe with over 100 million active users.


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Pivoting Genius: Discord

  • Discord was in gaming and gaming-related communities since the early days of the internet and even had an app on the Apple Store when it launched in 2008.
  • It has since pivoted multiple times, and has improved voice communication technology in its platform, showcasing its intent to be gamer-centric.
  • Long-time gamers understand that Discord gets it, and the community has thus exploded.


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Communication Frankenstein

Discord has worked hard on ensuring the lowest latency possible during a voice call, and that hard work is now paying off when they realize that it’s not just gamers who want sub-millisecond latency.

With so many communication tools available in various online platforms, Discord offers nothing new on the surface and feels like a mashup of Slack, Reddit, Zoom and similar tools. However, the way the tools are offered feels like people are hanging around and enjoying being connected passively, and are not working. The USP of Discord is the sense of play.


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The Ultimate Pivot: A Place To Talk

With decades of experience with the online communities, fickle gamers, and serious hardware and software issues, Discord has evolved as the place to talk about anything, and for simply hanging out with like-minded people on the internet.

While the other tools come with a purpose and a sense of urgency, the users and gamers at Discord are hooked to the casual, non-purposeful nature of the platform which resembles an online version of a college campus.


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