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Study shows that relationships have the biggest effect on health

Study shows that relationships have the biggest effect on health


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Good health and positive emotions

We spend a fortune on medical care but we don't get the health results we desire.

It is probably because we're overly focused on medical care, but don't invest in our social world the way we could. We need to have a broader understanding of health, that involves day-to-day interactions.

High-value health care

There are low-cost interventions that are community-based that can have a significant impact on people's health down the road.

We need to be gentle on new mothers and families and provide support to help buffer the stresses that may arise. It is something every person who's listening can...

Loving actions

They actually change our physiology. In one study, groups of rabbits were given a high-fat diet to establish the effects on heart health.

One group of rabbits did particularly well. The researchers looked around and discovered that one particular researcher was petting the one group of rabb...

  • Loneliness is as much of a health risk as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, heavy alcohol use, high blood pressure, and obesity. 
  • Divorce. Some studies show that a good marriage is health-protective. It's not just about being kind. It involves learning to navigate conflict.

When most of us think about health, we think about diet, exercise, and sleep, but access to medical care only accounts for about 20% of our health.

How we treat each other is the biggest contributor to health. The missing component of medicine is kindness, love and a strong sense of communi...

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