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You're not Going to be the next Steve Jobs, Oprah, or Beyonce

You're not Going to be the next Steve Jobs, Oprah, or Beyonce

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The next Oprah

The next Oprah

While everyone would want to be the next Oprah, the place is already taken.

The right approach is being yourself, or a better, refined version of yourself, to the 'smallest viable audience', and then see the organic growth.


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Outliers are extreme examples of people who are on the outer edge of success or have a radically different life, glorified by the media.

Following Outliers leads normal people to make decisions based on false hope and highly unlikely possibilities.


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Unique Circumstances

Unique Circumstances

We need safe, nurturing environments to be our best, to blossom into what we truly are destined for, no matter how big or small, in our unique way.

We are provided with unnecessary pain and suffering by the constant comparison with people who are born radically different from us and are having different circumstances. 


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The Age of Perfectionism

The Age of Perfectionism

Social media has made people far away from us more accessible, so we are now comparing ourselves and being envious not just in our close circle, but globally.

There will always be people whose lives will seem more interesting and glamorous than ours. Those snippets they post on social media are just the main highlight reels, curated for maximum effect. Their entire lives may be worse than yours.


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The Rigged Game

The Rigged Game

The comparison game with metrics such as the number of likes, downloads, followers, your bank balance, gross sales, web traffic is rigged. There will always be someone ahead of you.

You need to create and contribute out of the spotlight, even if your audience is just one person.


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