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The Reality Of Radical Acceptance

The Reality Of Radical Acceptance

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Acceptance can harness much more strength when it is not just a tool, but a trait.

The refusal to accept reality puts together a portrayal of a battle that seems to repeat every single day. In contrast, radical acceptance can be a good escape out of that battle. It involves accepting the reality around us for what it is.


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Accepting reality

Accepting reality

The more we battle with reality, the more difficult accepting it will be. Accepting reality is a solid method to reduce suffering, whether emotional, mental, or physical pain.

We can't change anything we don't have control over. However, we can change things that are reasonably within our reach.


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Acceptance is a process

Acceptance is a process

Acceptance can be the representation of great strength that has succeeded in finding a balance between stability and contentment, and insanity and unhappiness.

It can help us get to a place where we can finally let go of pain and suffering. Even when intense negativity still must be present, we can still get to a place of acceptance, where we are better able to handle it.


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