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Being busy is killing our ability to think creatively

Being busy is killing our ability to think creatively

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Busyness and Creativity

Being busy all the time dials down your creativity. Being distracted doing the scheduled work in your calendar doesn't give your brain time to do any creative thinking and in turn any real, original work.

Real productive work requires an unobstructed window of time during the day.


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Information Overload

We consume up to five times more information than we used to a generation before. This constant information overload drains us of our creativity and even willpower.

An avalanche of information keeps our brain mired and trapped in noise.


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Addicted to Busyness

Kickstarting our creative process requires solitude, space, time and a distraction-free environment. 

Our brain then gets accustomed to constant stimulation, and we become addicted to busyness.


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Being constantly busy robs us from doing anything that has any real value.

Some of the most important discoveries and inventions weren't made while the great minds were busy, but when they were still.


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Boredom is Good

Boredom is considered an undesirable state of mind, but it is essential for a healthy, creative mind.

Our minds otherwise would become a machine transmitting and receiving information all day.


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The Four Ways To Disconnect

How to disconnect in the age of distraction and constant information:

  1. A morning walk without your phone with you.
  2. Getting out of your comfort zone, doing something you normally wouldn't do.
  3. More fun and games.
  4. Do diverse types of activity.


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