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Money and Confidence are Interchangeable

Money and Confidence are Interchangeable
So, I'm assuming you are here reading this because you want to get yourself some more money. And since this is Mr. Money Mustache and not a standard financial publication, you're willing to think about the bigger picture: Not necessarily "Maximum money at all costs so I can have a nice, spendy retirement!"


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The Money We Need

We don't really need massive amounts of money to live a happy life.

A good level of freedom and self-confidence can be attained by a relatively small figure of money.

We can take the middle path, doing things that we enjoy, carving a decent earning while attaining an enviable work-life balance.




Confidence and Freedom

Many 'high-achieving' people lack flexibility, freedom, and confidence to change things in their life when they want. This is due to the build-in traps and insecurity of living a high achievers life.

A life full of complexity and self-protection lacks confidence and independence.



What Confidence Means

  • It means not equating money with happiness, being self-assured, to understand that you cannot change the world but your response to everything you experience determines your happiness.
  • It means being in control of your lifestyle, to be able to learn new skills, to understand that you can be anywhere, live anywhere, work and make friends anywhere.
  • It is a self-assurance that your kids will be just fine, and the real goal of your life is not to earn money but to attain happiness.

Confidence means believing that you have the personal power to get things done and that your true goal is to live happily.

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    Forming good habits

    Habits are little chunks of auto-pilot behavior that get burned permanently into your mind. Once you develop a habit, you can never really delete it.

    Habits start with a trigger, which se...

    Find the trigger point of your habit

    Describe your own behavior in detail, and search for clues you might have missed before. Find your trigger.
    If you have a habit of making coffee, it might be triggered by entering the kitchen. Some people eat in response to boredom or buy stuff in response to their desires.

    Trick yourself

    Take an existing cue you have, but trick yourself into triggering a different behavior.
    If you want to quit coffee, you could give away the coffee machine and put a box of tea or a glass of water on the countertop.

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    Diffuse the fear of being rejected

    ... by acknowledging and expecting it can and will hurt.

    To overcome the sting of rejection, stop trying to avoid feeling that stings. Stop pretending your unaffect...

    Interrupting rumination

    Make a contract with your partner, family, and friends allowing them to catch you in the throes of verbal diarrhea when you were unfairly treated.

    Work out three or four different activities that will distract you and turn your attention to something productive. 

    Regulate the number of rejection opportunities

     ... you expose yourself to.

    We all have a different threshold of the amount of rejection we can handle. Wisely considering how much more you can handle is essential. 

    Before you take another step forward, ask yourself if you have the right resources and support in place to catch you.

    You are broke because of you

    You are broke because your financial decisions were not the best, in the past.

    This not about winning the lottery or landing in a high-paying job. Just by changing your behavior, this situati...

    How to fix your money problems

    Your financial issues are fixable if you:

    • Take your money seriously
    • Stop unnecessary consumerism
    • Stop making and defending your bad decisions.

    The broke leading the broke

    A majority of people are broke, actually. We are not taking our money seriously, and just living paycheck to paycheck. We are doing it because there are so many like us, around us, doing the same.