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Money and Confidence are Interchangeable

Money and Confidence are Interchangeable

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The Money We Need

We don't really need massive amounts of money to live a happy life.

A good level of freedom and self-confidence can be attained by a relatively small figure of money.

We can take the middle path, doing things that we enjoy, carving a decent earning while attaining an enviable work-life balance.


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Confidence and Freedom

Many 'high-achieving' people lack flexibility, freedom, and confidence to change things in their life when they want. This is due to the build-in traps and insecurity of living a high achievers life.

A life full of complexity and self-protection lacks confidence and independence.


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What Confidence Means

  • It means not equating money with happiness, being self-assured, to understand that you cannot change the world but your response to everything you experience determines your happiness.
  • It means being in control of your lifestyle, to be able to learn new skills, to understand that you can be anywhere, live anywhere, work and make friends anywhere.
  • It is a self-assurance that your kids will be just fine, and the real goal of your life is not to earn money but to attain happiness.

Confidence means believing that you have the personal power to get things done and that your true goal is to live happily.


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    Investing and saving is not the same thing.

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