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Using A Bullet Journal To Improve Your Mental Health

Using A Bullet Journal To Improve Your Mental Health

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Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

A Bullet Journal (BuJo) is a mindfulness practice designed as a productivity system. It is a tool that can help you organize your life and improve your mental health by writing things down on paper. It can be used for anything from keeping track of daily tasks to planning long-term goals. The system is based on a few simple principles:

  • Rapid logging: Use symbols to represent different types of entries, such as tasks, appointments, ideas, and notes.
  • Index: Or a table of contents
  • Collections for specific topics
  • Migrate incomplete tasks from one day
  • Review regularly 


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Tracking Everything You Do or Feel

Using a Bullet Journal as a productivity tracker helps you see what all you have done and what is being neglected. It tells you if what you are doing is healing to you or is counterproductive.

Manually making a mental health tracker, and filling it daily to check your anxiety, depression, sleep, energy levels or even pain can tell you if there are any trends in the symptoms.


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Tracking Success and Improvements

Daily tracking of progress and improvements, noting down one or more successful activities, or any small thing done right every day, can boost your mental health. The idea is not to condemn yourself but to motivate you towards positive progress.


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