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3 essential routines you need for a more productive, less stressful 2021



3 essential routines you need for a more productive, less stressful 2021
Use the start of the year as an opportunity to create new routines that will energize you, elevate your performance, and remove stress from your workday.


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Identify What Works To Help You Win

Identify What Works To Help You Win

We need to convert our mundane, routine tasks into something exciting, turning our work into our own motivation, igniting our energy:

  1. Compete with yourself, beating your own time of accomplishing a certain task like replying to emails.
  2. Work in an impeccable manner, taking a cue from the perfectionists. It is not good to be a slob at home, as it affects our productivity and mindset.
  3. Get ready on time, put on work clothes and feel confident, professional, and productive.
  4. Start your day with a 30-minute stroll or a Yoga session and get your body and mind moving.




Intentional Planning

Intentional planning helps us achieve our goals and reduce anxiety. Follow the 4-step STAR method:

  • S- Strategy: Review your upcoming goals.
  • T-Tasks: Clarify and identify what tasks are to be done to achieve those goals, and prioritize them.
  • A- Allocate: Resources like time and energy are limited. Allocate your tasks in a way that is least cognitively demanding, takes the least amount of time, and is yet having the maximum impact. Improvise as you go.
  • R-Results: Say no to unnecessary requests, respecting your time. But if you say Yes to a request, follow it through. Work for yourself and not for obligations.



Celebrate Your Success Yourself

Remote work has made it difficult to receive praise or even a ‘thank you’ for your hard work from the higher-ups.

In 2021, acknowledging and celebrating your success and accomplishments is in your hands. We need to be seen, recognized and valued for our hard work by the team, the company and all the stakeholders.




Habits and behavior change

Building habits to change behavior the right way can be a wonderful tool to improve your life. But false notions about what habits are and what they can do can ...

Habits are a type of learning

They generate an impulse to do a behavior with little or no conscious thought.

By forming a habit, the brain frees the mind to do other things without deliberation. So behaviors that require concentration, deliberation, or extended effort, are not habits.

What drives motivation

Motivation is not driven by pleasure and pain, but rather by the desire to escape discomfort.

Our brains get our bodies to do what they want through discomfort. And the same rule applies to psychological discomfort. 

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What Deep Work Is

A process of performing “professional activities…in a state of distraction-free concentration that pushes your cognitive capabilities to their limit. These efforts create new value, improve ...

Shallow work

The non-cognitively demanding, logistical-style tasks, often performed while distracted, tend not to create much new value in the world and are easy to replicate.

Recognizing our limited willpower

...is the first element of deep work.

That means you won’t have the mental discipline to stay concentrated on a single task unless you prepare your mind and environment to it.


It means seeing things for what they are, not what we think they should be.

To cultivate openness, we have to become aware of our misconceptions, default beliefs, biases, expecta...


It means being able to look at yourself with perspective and distance.

Real-time self-reflection requires us to shift our attention away from what’s happening outside and instead observe what’s happening inside. Mindfulness meditation practice is the best way to cultivate this ability.


It means separating your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors from your identity and sense of self. We are more than the contents of our minds (thoughts, emotions, desires).

Keeping a Thought Diary is a helpful way to reinforce this understanding.