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Dealing with Life’s Annoyances: zen habits

Dealing with Life’s Annoyances: zen habits

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It’s The Little Things

It’s The Little Things

As the world gets complicated and stressful, it is increasingly common to be annoyed at the little things, like a dog barking outside, or by someone making a comment.

It would be awesome if people and things around us would change according to how we wish them to be, but that is not how the world works.


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Waiting To Be Happy

Waiting to be happy until everything and everyone is exactly according to how you want it to be is the easiest way to stay unhappy and frustrated.

Would you wait for all the lights to turn green in your route before starting your car? That is exactly what we do when we depend on people, events and circumstances to turn right for us to start being happy.


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The Reason For Our Annoyances

  • Our annoyances come from how we perceive and interpret the world around us.
  • When people around us do not behave like we want them to, we find that irritating.
  • The world usually isn’t how we want it to be, and that is frustrating.
  • This constant expectation makes us unhappy, hurting our relationships and affecting our work.


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The 10-Second Meditation To Remove Your Annoyance

Whenever one feels hurt or pain, a simple 10-second meditation can be practised to heal us emotionally.

  1. Sit quietly and try to still the mind.
  2. Notice and feel what is the irritation or hurt that is being felt at the moment.
  3. Declare to yourself with genuine kindness that you will find the end to this pain and be happy.
  4. Wish happiness for yourself, repeating it with full conviction.


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