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The Untethered Soul

Lindsey Hall's Key Ideas from The Untethered Soul
by Michael A. Singer

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What‘s that voice?

What is the voice saying? What are the implications and the beliefs coming through the voice in my head?

That's my voice.

And who is me?

Identifying the validity to the thoughts, and recognizing what is habitual and intentional thought.

And to acknowledge, simply be aware, is the greatest step one can consistently make everyday.

Minful, present, and the ability to seperate oneself from the story carried through the voice in the head.


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Applicable spirituality

Sometimes the spiritual journey can feel intimidating, daunting, like there are too many huge steps to take. And maybe we just want to wade in the water. Understand deeper. Really get a hold of a complicated and existential concept.

Taking the time to investigate oneself is creatively led through this book. To get a deeper understanding if the mind in a practical kind of way.


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