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Turn it down: how to silence your inner voice

Turn it down: how to silence your inner voice


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Turn it down: how to silence your inner voice

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The inner voice

The silent conversations that people have with themselves influence how they live their lives. Some people benefit from internal dialogues, while others fall apart.

When we experience distress, research shows that introspection can do more harm than good. Introspection gives rise to negative cycles with potentially grave consequences for our mental and physical health. The ability to step back and reflect can help to get some perspective.


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We speak to ourselves at a rate of about 4,000 words per minute. No wonder listening to it can feel so exhausting when we ramble or rehash events.

These inner voices can be paralysing and self-sabotaging if we let it. But those who are able to quieten their inner voice are happier.


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  • Distanced self-talk: Talking to yourself as if you were another person is calming and can help you make a better impression, or improve your performance. ("Hey, you should calm down; this is not the end of the world.")
  • The power of touch - Put your arms around someone.
  • The power of nature - Put your arms around a tree.
  • Activities that create "awe" - A walk in the mountains, or looking at a work of art.
  • Writing a daily journal.
  • Creating exterior order - Tidying up has an impact on your interior order.


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