How To Recover From a Bad Day in Just 10 Minutes - Deepstash
1. Listen to your favorite song and sing along

Studies have revealed that listening to your music can make your mood pleasant and reduce depression.

You can create a playlist named "Feel Better" with the songs that make you happy.


2. Take a shower

Taking a shower can metaphorically help us to get rid of negativity and glumness.

Actually taking shower increases circulation and ditches negativity.

You can start with a warm shower and slowly turn it as cold as you can comfortably bear for 20 seconds. Then raise the temperature to the initial hot digit. You can repeat these cycles until you feel a bit well.


3. Watch funny videos

" Laughter is the best medicine "

Try watching funny videos on Facebook, YouTube, or any other media.

Studies have shown that people who watched funny videos with upbeat music were more productive and likely to turn around their bad mood.


4. Pet

Petting an animal can revive your positivity by improving your mood.

Even therapists suggest talking to petting animals as it dramatically heals your mood.


5. Give and get a hug

Even health therapists believe that human touches like hugging acts as a great therapy to rid the depressed patients in the hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

When you feel a little off, reach out to your partner or friend and exchange a whole-hearted and warm embrace.


6. Practice deep breathing

Try deep breathing since it has a naturally therapeutic and reviving effect on your mind and nullifies negative energy.

Close your eyes and feel as if you are in a fantastic world; then practice deep inhalation through your nose solely, pausing for 2 seconds.


7. Jot down what is ailing you and then what pleases you

Writing down what is bothering and ailing your mind can surely help you get things off your chest and mind.

you may also realize that the thing that is stressing you is not a problem at all.

After you have written things that are haunting you, try writing things that are pleasant for you and have brought joys in your life.


8. Do some light body exercises

Getting your body in motion will assist blood flow and the release of endorphins, widely known as the "feel-good" hormone.

You can just do simple exercises like squats, pushups and easy stretches. 


9. Sign out of Social Media

Numerous studies have demonstrated that checking social Medias can really trigger gloom since we regularly compare ourselves with our companions, creating sensations of deficiency and uncertainty.

Steering clear from social media is likely to help you reduce your stress; otherwise using it even when you are feeling unpleasant can further haunt you.


10. Walk barefoot on the grass

Grounding and connecting with the nature can really help you rid of your bad mood. 

It is the act of exposing yourself to the ground usually barefoot.

It stimulates energy, improves immune function, and enhances happiness and contentment


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