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'Deep breath, cup of tea, long walk': nine ways to stay calm in a crisis

'Deep breath, cup of tea, long walk': nine ways to stay calm in a crisis

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Gentle morning exercise

Gentle morning exercise

Exercising may help alleviate anxiety when faced with a sudden, unpredictable shock.


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Spend time with a close friend

According to research, when we connect with friends, we can handle stress better.


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Start the day with time outside

Start the day with time outside

According to a study, spending time in nature, or even just looking at scenes of nature, may help you recover faster from subsequent stressful experiences.


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Remember to breathe

Slow, deep breathing is calming. Researchers noticed that 15 min of deep breathing reduces the reactivity of the nerve network that is active during the stress response.


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Take control

During a stressful situation, remind yourself what you can control in your immediate environment.


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Pour a brew

Pour a brew

Researchers discovered that tea drinkers recover faster after stress.


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Shift your focus

When you leave an emotionally stressful scene, your mind might still replay the scene repeatedly.

Do an activity that requires your full attention. It will help you to relax faster.


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Go for a walk

After a particularly stressful experience, go for a gentle walk. Keep yourself moving at every opportunity to calm you down.


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Write it down

When you are calm, write down the event from a third person's perspective. Omit your emotions and sensations. This will help you to revisit the scene in a better light.


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