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How To Anchor Our Performance Psychology

How To Anchor Our Performance Psychology

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Anchoring: Drawing Our Mental Maps

Anchoring: Drawing Our Mental Maps

Simply talking about making a change doesn’t do any good. One has to combine positive experiences along with the learning and create better understanding using associations.

NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), a technique that syncs our linguistic abilities with our mind has a concept called anchoring, where specific life situations are associated with certain psychological outcomes.


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Positive And Negative Anchoring

Anchoring can be observed in the following ways:

  • Wrong posture, when combined with a negative mindset can become an unconscious negative anchor affecting the person for a lifetime.
  • A standing desk, where a person works out on a treadmill while actively rehearsing and thinking about investing opportunities creates a positive anchor where his mindset is energized.


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Hacking Your Mindset

Most of us work with our energy in a random way, where our mood and mindset are anchored to life situations that are not explicitly programmed by us. One can hack one’s mindset by anchoring specific life situations to our mood and energy in a deliberate manner.

Creating positive anchors helps our ‘mental maps’ where we start to mint happiness, eventually energizing other areas of our lives.


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