6 Lessons on Happiness I Learned By Going Through My Darkest Times - Deepstash
6 Lessons on Happiness I Learned By Going Through My Darkest Times

6 Lessons on Happiness I Learned By Going Through My Darkest Times

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You are not sad just feeling sad for a little time

You are not sad just feeling sad for a little time

  • Emotions are tricky little bastards.
  • Their presence feels all-consuming, to the point that you believe they’re apart of you.
  • You start to believe you don’t “feel sad” but instead you “are sad.”


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Learn to dance with life

Learn to dance with life

Even though I fought for control, life still had its curveballs.

  • No matter what anyone does to set themselves up to thrive, things happen.
  • Key to making it through life’s obstacles isn’t by fighting every possible chance of sadness that comes your way; it’s about learning to dance.
  • Dance means, having the tools to help yourself on the days you’re down.
  • Build relationships as your support system.
  • Accepting that it’s OK to not feel OK.


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Give Yourself TIME

Give Yourself TIME

  • You can give someone the tools to heal, but all that does is start the healing.
  • The process of healing will take time, regardless of how much you try to rush it.
  • But in that is a bit of hope, too; the assurance in knowing something as simple as time can drastically change the course of your life.


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Tiny is good

Tiny is good

  • Focusing on how far you have to go can feel disheartening.
  • But if you can commit to taking tiny steps forward, one day you’ll look back and see how far you’ve come.


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It is always me

It is always me

  • I need to check-in with myself to make sure I’m not slipping back into my disordered eating way.
  • I have to monitor whether I’m feeling like myself and, if not, I need to be the one to do something about it.
  • If I wait around for someone else to notice, it’ll be too late.
  • I’ll be back at square one. But that’s OK.
  • I’m always going to be the person who can take care of and prioritize my needs best.


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Just be happy

Just be happy

  • The pursuit of happiness is a fallacy. You can be happy right now, at this moment.
  • There’s no end destination where you’ll finally catch up to the happiness train and ride it into the eternal bliss sunset.

Society puts so much pressure on people being happy:

  • Choose a job that brings you joy but also a partner that does the same.
  • Workout because your cortisol levels will decrease
  • have plenty of sex so your serotonin increases.
  • Have hobbies you love and friends you love more.
  • Because all of this combined will ensure your happiness.

When you focus your attention too much on anything, you’re bound to smother it. Happiness shouldn’t be a part-time job but, rather, a byproduct of just having fun with life.


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