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Why Most Self-Education Efforts Fail

Why Most Self-Education Efforts Fail


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Why Most Self-Education Efforts Fail

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The struggle to learn new things

We tend to learn only the things we were already good at. This creates little bubbles of confidence where we learn, and vast areas we avoid because we’re not sure we can get good at them.

You see this with people who claim they’re “bad at math” or don’t have the “language gene”.


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Begin with the use in mind

The first step to learning well is always to ask yourself “why am I learning this?”, because the most effective way to learn is highly dependent on the eventual situation when you will use that information. 


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Understand before memorizing

Learning, is much faster when you work with precision over brute force. You’ll remember much more if, instead of trying to memorize, you first seek to understand. Once you “get” something, the act of memorizing it becomes much, much faster.


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Everything can be learned

No matter how complicated it seems, everything breaks down into components which are simple enough everyone could learn them. Learning well involves spotting how those systems break down, so you can always start with pieces that are small enough to handle. 


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