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The Secret to Sustained Motivation

The Secret to Sustained Motivation


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The Secret to Sustained Motivation

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The Fresh Start Effect

When we want to change ourselves anew, we often set a date on when to start changing our behaviors or our habits. This is the concept of having a "fresh start".

The effect of the "fresh start" is that we're able to overlook our past mistakes and imperfections of our daily lives and have new beginnings. We are then more likely to take action towards our goals.


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Temporal landmarks are the days that stand out as being more meaningful than other days, mainly due to it producing the feeling of having a "fresh start"

These temporal landmark days make us feel more distant from our past failures.


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  1. Be strategic about when you want to start changing your behavior. If you want to trigger the fresh start effect you must think carefully about the meaning behind the days for yourself.
  2. When you start to drift away from your target, don't lose hope. Focus on a new fresh start date. We often forget that motivation's biggest problem is that it ebbs, it flows, and will often fail you without notice.
  3. Connect with your future self. Every action you decide to do now will affect your future inevitably.


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