The comodification of self care.

A lot of self-care rhetoric has gotten mixed into the rise of “treat yo self” mentalities.

This is unsurprising, as capitalism likes us all best when we’re spending money. Our economic system is supremely skilled at neutralizing threats by turning them into commodities.

It’s had a lot of success in doing the same thing to the feminist movement, and it’s absolutely running wild with “self-care.”



“Self-Care” Traps I Fell Into (And How I Got Out)

Capitalism briefly convinced us, and many others, that the best way to take care of myself was to spend indulgently and snatch up any luxury that caught our eye.

  • The truth is, at that stage in my life, the self-care I actually needed was financial discipline .

Telling myself no to things that I do not need and that are not good for me is just as much a part of self-care as anything else.



Self-care culture encourages us to “set boundaries” that more often than not take the shape of flat-out neglect whether that’s of our personal relationships or of our duties to ourselves and others.

The lie here is that neglecting responsibility does the exact opposite of preserving peace. It creates spirals of overwhelm that make it harder to approach a task every time we put it off.

The truth is that self-care often involves doing what needs to be done even if it’s not fun at the moment.

  • Self-care is not always pretty and pastel and floral-scented. Sometimes it just means getting things done so your basic needs are met.



S elf-care means something entirely new to me now.

It asks me to look at my state of being and question what I need to do to enable myself to live the kind of life I most want in this world.

Am I taking care of myself physically? No product is a replacement for keeping my body well-nourished, well-rested, hydrated, and active.

Am I taking care of myself emotionally? I need time off to decompress and get introspective far more than I need expensive loungewear to do it in.



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