Outlining While Revising - The After Process
  • A trick I found useful when it comes to being a plantser when you draft, and that is to outline as you revise.
  • Plantser is someone who does minimal planing and discovery writes the majority of the novel


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Creating the outline
  1. I don't re-write my whole book for a second draft. Instead, I go through and leave notes both in the document and on an outline as I read through it for the first time since it was finished. 
  2. This allows me to refresh the story in my head, but also see things that I'd like to change in the next draft.
  3. From there I will construct my outline. I write down a summary of what happens in every chapter and add any tweaks and changes that I'd like to work into it.
  4. Within my outline I have a colour-coded system for each plot point, arc and other big picture things that need to be woven through the chapters.


Revision process
  • First tackle the big picture stuff, like plot points that don't work, or things that need to be added into it
  • For me, it doesn't make sense to be worried about the sentence flow when you're not even sure that sentence will make the cut
  • All this is marked on my outline using color codes


Revision Color Codes
  1. Red is for things that need to get cut/changed massively with a lot of rewriting
  2. Green is for smaller plot/arc changes that will be threaded through the book
  3. Yellow is something that I'm not sure if it works or not
  4. Purple are plot points that can't be changed without having a massive effect on the rest of the book/series


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