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Think and Grow Rich


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Think and Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill

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Desire / Definiteness of Purpose

  1. Desire / Definiteness of Purpose is more than just goal setting.
  2. Desire is knowing what you want.
  3. In simplest term, your desire is your roadmap to achieving an overall career objective.
  4. Your goals represent specific types of steps along the way.


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When riches come...

  • When riches come, they come quickly in more abundance, that one wonders where have they been hiding during all these lean years.
  • Riches begin with a state of mind, with definiteness of purpose, with little or no hard work.


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Techniques to Riches

Stated simply, the techniques is to :

  • Clealry know what you want to accomplish,
  • Have faith in your ability to, and
  • Persist until you have accomplished your goal.


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Formula to Accomplish Anything

  1. Desire...leads to
  2. Definiteness of Purpose...leads to
  3. Clarity...leads to
  4. Want...leads to
  5. Faith...leads to
  6. Persistence...leads to
  7. Accomplishment 🎉


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Daily SELF-affirmation

I have the capacity to know what I want, and the determination to stand by that desire until I realize it.


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THink and Grow rich

Psychologist have correctly said that, "When one is truly ready for a thing, it puts in appearance."


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Think and Grow rich

Adopt a Definite Purpose, and stand by that Purpose until it has time to become an all-consuming obsession.


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Self daily affirmation

Building determination, persistence in standing back of a single desire ---- destined to bow down all opposition and bring me the opportunity I am seeking.


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Recipe for Success

  1. Purpose - Clarity (Conscious)
  2. Plans
  3. Actions - Immediate
  4. Enthusiasm - Emotions (Subconcious)
  5. Faith - Back by Inspired Actions + Absolute Believe
  6. Results


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